scholarships, fellowships, applications, ho!

I’m an applying fool … scholarships, fellowships … if it seems close, I’ll go for it to help fund my PhD and my projects. Today I finished two small scholarships that are administered by the university … I’ll hand-deliver them tomorrow. I squeezed in a scholarship application for a summer audio institute at the Duke Center for Documentary Studies. And I found a lead on a teaching job.

Wonder how it’s going to feel to strike out on most of these applications – because that’s the reality of applying for scholarships and fellowships. They mostly go to other people.

Okay, I’m a little gloomy because I overheard someone talking yesterday about getting the Graduate Teaching Assistantship I was hoping for. There were only two of us competing for it, as far as I know, and I think he was offered it. I’ve really got to grow a thicker skin re: rejection. If I didn’t get offered it this time, it’s okay … one thing I have learned is that not getting a position is sometimes a rich blessing. In my lifetime there are a few that I’ve been happy not to get and a few that I’ve been sorry I accepted. So there.

A photo from Big to cheer me up.


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