finding a voice

I’ve been blogging for two months now. And I’m still working on an answer to the question: why am I blogging?

I told a friend in the MATX program tonight that I think of a blog like a daily column. And my goal right now is to figure out my columnist persona – my voice. Also my subject material … what do I want to write about.

I generally work on these little snippets of writing – I revise them – I’m a writer – I can’t help myself. He told me I was going against the flow in blogging … that the reason people blog is so they talk out loud as spontaneously as they want (emphasize blah when you pronounce blog as in “blaog, blaog, blaog.”)

Okay, that sounds unkind … and the point of a blog is to reveal something of myself as I’m blogging. This dovetails with what I was told recently about my essays … that I don’t reveal enough of myself, that more vulnerability within the writing would make for a more compelling piece/voice. Of course, sometimes that’s fiction … I could also be fictionally revealing. Many writers do that one very well.

I think the question I really want to answer is: what do I want to write about? Why am I blogging? That’s what I’m exploring through this. No answer yet, of course, the figuring out is in the doing.


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