more thoughts about blogging

I spent time yesterday adding links to my blog, rather than blogging. Still thinking about the “why blog” question – then read this Murderati blog about blogging. Made me think – I love that – and I may write a comment if I have time … Pari Noskin Taichert (writer/blogger) says that “I doubt that Poe or Christie considered direct reader input nearly as much as we do.” I don’t know about Christie, but I think Poe would have embraced the internet and the chance to connect with more people. In fact, he probably would be using Flash to create mini-movies … suspense-filled, of course … or publishing all kinds of e-zines.

The novelists in the 1800’s certainly paid attention to their base … didn’t Dickens change the ending to some of his stories based on reader feedback? I think some of the assumptions we make about earlier, non-internet days aren’t accurate. Although the technology – what it allows – is profoundly different from what they had access to. And the speed, the immediacy – that is something they didn’t have to contend with. Writers today have to guard time away from the technology in order to get anything of quality written. And, as Taichert points out, it might be better if more writers ignored the feedback.

VCU Prof Les Harrison’s blog has some interesting posts re: Edgar Allen Poe and about blogging / facebook / twitter. His blog: Machine Readable. I especially like the posting re: slow blogging and the role of RSS feeds.


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