getting a phd in what?

My parents haven’t quite figured out what MATX stands for and what, exactly, I’m studying. It’s interesting to mention what I’m doing in social settings … it certainly sounds cool but what exactly is a PhD in Media, Art & Text?

Oddly, it incorporates all my professional and creative interests … I’ve waited half a lifetime for someone to create this program. Photography, film, literature, oral history & memory, narratology, media & cultural studies, theatre, writing, teaching … it all fits in one place.

I love writing. I love research. I love teaching. I love making stuff – especially using photography or moving images or sound. I love that I can concentrate on a documentary project one semester and spend the next working on a theatre project that uses media as a character on stage, while researching Emily Dickinson’s fascicles for a major paper. It’s all good.

I guess interdisciplinary is where I naturally swim. Isn’t that where all artists naturally swim?

Here’s the official program website: MATX. It visually doesn’t do justice to the richness in the program. I suggest looking at these student websites / blogs if you want a better sense of the range of what we’re doing in the MATX program.
I Love Mark Making
multimodal mel @ matx
Markers. Ants. Tectonics. X. & Pain. & Illness.



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