orwellian real ID program

According to Jim Hightower, the feds have renamed the Real ID program as the Enhanced Driver’s License and are still trying to implement this scary act of domestic surveillance. Why does this matter?

I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t want to have my digital life available on a computer chip on a card that I have to use to get plane tickets or drive a car or anything else that the Director of Homeland Security decides I need it for. Talk about surveillance … all I’d have to do is hand this thing to someone who scans it and they’d have more than a digital footprint – they’d have my financials, my social security number. It’s a serious privacy issue, a serious personal security issue.

And it’s a huge waste of federal money. Give it to the Arts! That’d do more for national security!

Virginia has an anti-Real ID bill introduced, but none passed yet. A handful of states have passed statutes prohibiting implementation of the Real ID program.

Want to know more: Go to the ACLU’s Real Nightmare website.


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