the injured dog sleeps

Yesterday, when the vet said that my dog might have a torn ACL – I thought I was going to become hysterical. A torn ACL … as a friend in the MATX program said later, “what, from too much tennis?” Apparently dogs can separate the ligaments away from their knee-equivalent just like we can. By twisting the wrong way when they’re leaping after a squirrel?

And yes, when a dog tears its ACL, it needs surgery just like we do.

After a closer examination, the vet’s conclusion for now was that Ruby had probably just pulled something and she sent us home with the doggy equivalent of Advil and the admonition to keep Ruby quiet for the next week. No running, no dog park, no Pets at Play … we’re not even supposed to let her loose in the backyard lest she get excited by a squirrel. So I’m working downstairs so she can sleep beside me on the couch and not have to climb the stairs. I made arrangements to work from home today – partly for my mental health and partly to take care of Ruby.

I knew she was feeling poorly yesterday when she barely noticed the mailman. Usually she vigorously protests when the mailman walks onto our front porch, but yesterday she snarled from the couch without raising her head.

I’m working on the redesign of my website this morning. I’ve got a lot of reading to do for Monday’s seminar and the final artist statements to review, as well as all the video essay submissions we’ve received so far to watch / re-watch. The production team decided on Wednesday that I should vet the submissions and place the most interesting ones in a thread on Blackboard. I want to make sure that my spreadsheets are totally accurate so far, too … before the deadline hits next Friday.


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