the injured dog still sleeps

Ruby’s getting better – the doggie Advil and rest are doing the trick. That’s especially good because the last month of the semester is a lousy time for distractions like dog surgery or broken limbs or spousal crises … really, everyone should just chill out and not demand a lot of attention until I’m done with the semester, Okay?!

I’m waiting to hear from scholarships / fellowships and other funding-related stuff for next year. Only one fellowship is substantial enough for me to only go to school. The MATX director is still looking for an appropriate GTA placement for next year – otherwise my funding runs out in September. Too bad the economy’s so poor; otherwise I’d probably have funding from the University by now.

I did, however, get funding from the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities to do my Eastern Shore oral history project. Huzzah, Huzzah! More on that in a later post.

Meanwhile, I’m redesigning my website and moving deadline by deadline through assignments. First, there’s the Sunday deadline to post something for Thursday’s workshop. (hence the work on my website) Then … there’s a substantial amount of reading to finish for Monday’s seminar, plus the final artist statements for a Tuesday morning meeting.

Ruby just got up from her nap in the comfy chair in my room and has raided my daughter’s bedroom for something to chew. She must be feeling better – she grabs stuff to chew and runs when she wants us to play with her. She didn’t bolt down the stairs, however … that’s what she would do if she were feeling 100 percent. Instead, she’s settled back down for a nap in the hallway. Back to work I go.


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