new website posted

On Saturday I somehow lost the home page of the website that’s been up since December. Whoops! It wasn’t an identifiable file lost – I’m sure I did something … rather than spend a lot of time fixing a home page I don’t plan to keep, I took the whole thing off the server and posted the website I’ve been working on, even though I’m not thrilled with it. my new website

It does feel good to have a website with fewer unfinished pages and dead links … and with finished writing and about me/contact pages. I cleaned up the audio files, converting .wav files to .mp3s so they’re compressed and easier to download. I gave an attribution to the Georgia O’Keeffe quote that’s been running in a Flash experiment for a month. And I took down Patchwork – a video piece I wasn’t happy with. I love the audio mix I did for it, however, so I’ll add that to the Thirty-Second Audio Experiments page. I want to spend any time I have between now and Thursday’s lab workshop on audio. Adding clips. Fixing clips. Working on the oral history page.

For today, however, I need to shift gears and move on to Monday’s deadline – reading for the seminar class, followed closely by Tuesday’s deadline – all student artist statements read and feedback finished – and Wednesday’s deadline – move into the Annex Studio. Thankfully, in about a month, the deadlines will evaporate. I’ll be able to relax. Maybe.

Meanwhile, the recovering dog sleeps.


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