film on water

I finished a video called Film on Water Thursday, just in time to priority mail it to Vermont for a submissions call at Great River Arts.

film still from Film on Water

I haven’t worked much with shooting and editing video since my days as video producer at Cox Cable Tidewater and Virginia Power in the late ’80’s. I used to study television and films then – a friend used to say, “you watch television the way most men watch football.” I even spent a year in VCU’s film / photography MFA program making super-8 films that have since been lost in the great basement flood of Tropical Storm Gaston.

As I edited, I noticed that I was picking up smaller details as I went. For example – how the patterns on the back of the girl’s sweater dissolved into the grasses in the marsh in the following shot. I started the project with linear ideas – the stuff of essay or documentary – but as I went along I became more fascinated with imagery and sound. The ideas about baptism and amphibious theories of human evolution are still floating around in the piece, but not in an overt way.

I decided to make the only sound in Film on Water wild sound I picked up while shooting. It includes a child’s unplanned humming and singing – some slight dialogue, but mostly there’s the sound of water and waves.

I will eventually post the video on my website and put a link on this blog, but I don’t want to hurt my chances for gallery exhibition by showing it here first. As soon as I know I can post it – I will. Stay tuned!


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