friday art: Richard Carlyon

The Richard Carlyon retrospective exhibition opens tonight. Four venues around Richmond are celebrating an amazing teacher and artist. D (my artist/teacher husband) studied with him. I wish I’d had that privilege.

What amazes me about Carlyon was how steady / stable his artist life was. It’s what I aspire to. He taught. He worked in his studio every day … walked to it from his house. For fifty years he taught artists and he made art. To paraphrase Julia Cameron, he kept the drama on the canvas.

Here are links to the four galleries participating in the retrospective.
The Anderson Gallery at VCU
His recreated studio is part of this exhibit.

The Reynolds Gallery
Early / late work & Eleanor

The Visual Arts Center of Richmond
This site has links to the other galleries, plus a podcast and a link to Style Weekly article about his life.

1708 Gallery
Interval – re: his interest in the “in-between” spaces


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