working retreat and more interviews

I didn’t think I could afford a weekend away from D and N and my to-do list, but it was the best thing I could have done. On Friday I packed up bookmaking supplies and food and the dog and off we went for a working weekend away.

It’s been hard to focus on making books with an overburdened to-do list, but I was able to get quiet and sketch and figure out my version of a Book of Hours. I had the time and space to place with the pen and ink supplies I’d bought for cartooning. Even though I have too much going on, I’m going to try and create my own comic strip for a final project in my Reading Comics seminar.

I scheduled oral history interviews for Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Six hours worth of oral history about farm life on the Eastern Shore later and I’m still learning about this part of rural Virginia and southern Maryland.

I spent an incredibly peaceful and productive weekend in a beautiful and quiet place! I love looking up from my work out an open window into either the woods or a field full of soybeans. This morning I got my calendar out to figure out when I can do this again. I’m thinking a long weekend in November – about the time I have to create a full set of comics for my final project.


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