on bookmaking and flash galleries (or why I haven’t been blogging)

I call this book Found & Stitched, made over the summer for a grad level studio course in bookmaking.

What I like about it are the interior details … the silver stamping on torn white paper. The contrast of silver with black. The Frankenstein-like stitching directly through the cardstock.

Torn paper and found sentences … silver thread and images of flying or running … for text, I lifted sentences at random from books around my house … usually the first sentence of the third paragraph on the 50th or 70th page. Oddly, the randomness coalesces into something that makes sense.

Next – I finish my Book of Hours.

I’m also creating galleries in Flash to showcase work on my website. Once I got the first one to work (the one on Found & Stitched) … creating the others has gone quickly. Last night I created one from photos I took over the summer (my Life Unplugged) and this morning I’ve got a cool one partly done with historical photos from the oral history project, complete with captions. Maybe by Monday, I’ll have uploaded the new pages to my website … if so, I’ll post here and on Facebook.


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