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Here it is … the farm life oral history blog.
Eastern Shore Stories

About ten days ago, I removed the privacy setting on the Eastern Shore Stories blog, but I’ve been dragging my feet telling people about it. I don’t know why I’m going for the opposite of buzz.

It’s a simple blog – excerpts from the interviews, as well as relevant photos if I have them, posted occasionally on Thursdays. I decided to post only one excerpt from each interview, although I may change my mind on that later, but that way I can keep posting new material through the lecture that’s scheduled at the Eastern Shore of Virginia Historical Society next April.

The one thing I haven’t figured out yet is how to make this RSS-feed enabled. And I haven’t created a Facebook page or a Twitter account to support it. Since I’m only posting every two weeks or so, I need a way to let people know when new posts are there. I love this development in blogging … that it doesn’t have to be an every day thing, but that – through news feeds – I can give and get notice of longer-form blogging.

My style, as a blogger, is definitely on the quiet side. As for why I’m going for the opposite of buzz with Eastern Shore Stories … I feel very protective of this place, these people, this material. I hesitate to share it digitally with the world in cyberspace because I don’t want it lifted or misinterpreted or misused – so easy to happen. But I don’t own the place or this material … and I know from my uncle’s sudden death that the stories can be quickly silenced. They live orally with the people who tell them and the people who hear them. I love the stories that have been shared with me and they’ll live with me now until I’m gone too. I feel honored.


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