unplugging to get lost in disney magic

I’m flying to Walt’s paradise in Florida tomorrow – a gift from my parents to themselves and to us.  They wanted to celebrate their wedding anniversary by spending time in Walt Disney World with their children and grandchildren – and I’m going to unplug myself while I’m there.  Get lost in Disney magic.

I’m curious about Disney’s imagineering and what my impressions of the place will be – especially having spent 15 months in the MATX program.  I plan to take my camera and old-fashioned journal with me – record my observations and maybe even sketch some.

Yes – I know I’m going someplace with great wireless & cell phone access – I could twitter and blog away the whole time I’m gone.  But I want to be unplugged and totally present in the physical moment with my family.  I think it will help me relax and recharge my internal batteries.  I’m also curious to find out just how plugged in I’ve become.  I know I’m going to have email withdrawal.

FYI: I just posted a fourth entry on my Eastern Shore Stories blog.  Have to create a fan page or something for this project … some way to easily let people know when I post new material.  The RSS feed is a start – but may not be enough.


matx eportfolio done, maybe

I’ve finished the MATX e-portfolio – I think. It’s one of those projects that a person could keep working on for the rest of their natural life. I’m starting to futz with the little stuff … a word here, a link there, background color on a linked page …  I can tell it’s time to send in the URL and check it off the list.  I’d love to edit a few more sound pieces or produce a completely new flash piece or add photos to the oral history gallery … all of which I can continue to do long after this eportfolio has been handed in … but basically, I’m done, done, done. HUZZAH, HUZZAH!

To see it, go through my website.  Click on Media, Art & Text program – that’ll take you to a new page with a spider on it … it’s the first link.

What’s next in my fascinating queue of stuff to do?  Today the MATX Annex gallery opens with its first show.  Since I have a studio in the Annex, I’m supposed to show up early … which I’d planned to do anyway … but it’s time to eat lunch and get myself over there.

friday art: landscape photos

Would you believe these are landscapes from Mars? Taken by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) with a High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment Camera. 

They’d make great source images for large abstract paintings.  There are 35 pictures from Mars posted in this series on the Big Picture website … other cool photo series, too.

Martian Landscapes on Big Picture website

on web redesign (again) and the need for rest

I’m redesigning my website – again – this time because the MATX e-portfolio is due next week.  And because I was tired of the old design.

I have to say that today, finally, I created a few pages I’m pleased with.  I like the graphic look of the pages and with how they function. I’ve redone the home page , the media projects page , the about me/contact page and created an MATX page to serve as the jumping off point for all things MATX – like the e-portfolio & my academic papers.

The oral history project homepage needs to be redone … I really, really hate the old design now.  

It’s satisfying to look over the work I’ve done since August 2008 and realize how much I’ve accomplished in 15 months.  No wonder I’m tired.  My goal now is to get through the next ten days of academic work (final research project deadlines & the eportfolio), plus pull off my kid’s birthday party and get packed for a family vacation.  Sometimes I envy my cohorts in the MATX program who don’t have kids or even spouses – it would be so much easier to get completely lost in the work.  But N & D keep me grounded.  My envy doesn’t last long … mostly I’m thankful that I’m not going this alone.

richmond zine fest at gallery 5

Last night D, N & I went to the 2009 Richmond Zine Fest at Gallery 5    We walked away with a handful of zines and mini-comics.  Just for kicks, we walked a block over to Broad Street to take in the First Friday art scene.  D & I vowed to make First Fridays a monthly family event. N was less enthusiastic.

From  the Richmond Zine Fest website:
What’s a zine?
“From Stolen Sharpie Revolution
(pronounced like magazine without the maga) A zine is an independently created publication containing anything you want it to; personal experiences and stories, political ideologies, music related writing, gardening tips, fiction, travel stories, comics, photography, or anything you like. zines can be put together by one person or a group of people and they are usually photocopied but can also be printed offset, letter press, or mimeographed.”

What’s a zine fest?
“A zine fest is an event where zinesters (individual sellers as well as zine distro owners) meet up to sell and trade zines, as well as meet other zinesters. …  A zine fest is not traditionally a craft fair, comic book convention, or a book fair. We do not mind if these things are sold by tablers, but we do ask that they devote at least 10% of their stock to zines and other affordable printed matter.”