from jesse james to blogging comics

I got back from DisneyWorld just in time to write two research papers for finals.

The first paper is on Jesse James as America’s archetypal Robin Hood … and the media technologies and strategies that put him there and keep him there.

The PBS show American Experiences did a one-hour show on Jesse James … a historical myth-buster, of course, but their website helped me understand how his experience as a teenage bushwhacker probably propelled him into his career as an outlaw.   Missouri bushwhackers were pro-Confederate guerrillas who operated behind the Union lines … American insurgents, I guess.  Hard to go back to pushing a plow after that sort of adrenaline rush – not to mention PTSD, long before it had initials.

I especially like the shooting gallery – done in Flash, with sound effects.

Now that the first paper is done – I’m back to comics & blogging.  I have about a day and a half to turn my ideas and research into a coherent 12-page research paper.  I hope I can do it without my head exploding.


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