snow and the rare book room

D and N went back to school today for the first time all week.  Last weekend’s snow storm socked in Richmond and left us with icy, dangerous streets for days.  Even the University closed on Monday, which is rare.  It looks like  another storm is going to hit tomorrow – although the weather guys on Channel 12 say the amount we’re going to get could range anywhere from 12 inches to 4.  Even four inches snarls things up here, though, and events are already being cancelled for tomorrow and Saturday.  

I had blocked off tomorrow to spend at the rare book room on campus. In our Methods class we’re learning how to do academic descriptions of material objects – using guidelines established by textual bibliographers.  I found the manuscript much easier to do than the printed book and have to go back and spend another few hours with Dr. Samuel Johnson’s Journeys.  But another storm could mean more school closures which would mean I’d have to postpone my date with the rare book room.  

For today – I’ll restock the pantry and do some writing.  Writing is harder to do when N & D are home interrupting me and probably more important for my long-term professional development … not to mention my mental health. 

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