watching fish swim … or are they watching us walk?

I recently traveled to California for a cousin’s wedding. I went out early with N to have some extra days in sunny Southern California. We enjoyed the days, no sunshine the whole time we were there. But the wedding was lovely, the company was lovely – extended family and cousins to hang with – and N got to go to the San Diego Zoo and to get her feet wet in the Pacific Ocean.

Actually, she slipped in the surf at La Jolla Cove and got soaked. Not exactly swimming, but a full-body dunk in a second ocean. Had to buy some clothes at the top of the cliff because she was freezing. We also visited the dirtiest public restroom I’ve ever seen, there at the top of the cliff in one of the wealthiest communities in North America.

We also went fish watching at the Scripps Aquarium in La Jolla.  Or is the fish watching me?

Scripps had an exhibit on sea horses … talk about mesmerizing and strange.  Sea horses are also hard to photograph.  I thought this photo was my best.  Might be time to upgrade the digital camera soon, especially since I’m drawn to documentary work.