A Documentary Film about Big-Wave Surfer Sarah Gerhardt

Found this when I was prepping for class tomorrow … on The Kitchen Sisters (audio producers) website.   They’ve included the trailer and some explanatory text as part of their Hidden World of Girls series … although I can’t find an audio piece on this that they’ve produced.

Kitchen Sisters: “We were recently turned onto the film, One Winter Story, by filmmakers Sally Lundberg and Elizabeth Pepin about the big-wave surfer Sarah Gerhardt.”   I can see why – the imagery in this enchanting clip is breathtaking – it was shot in b&w 8 & 16mm film, which gives these shots of big waves and surfing a poignancy that might be missing otherwise.   A surfing movie without blue water?  Or the sound of waves?   I don’t miss either in this trailer.

More about the film & filmmakers: on the Water Front website

Looks like they’ve made quite a few girl surfer movies … or maybe they just sell what’s out there on their website.   I thought about my surfer-girl niece – the one who’s a senior in high school and who’s trying to figure out which college will offer her the closest or best place to surf.

Home Page for The Hidden World of Girls: Girls and the Women They Become


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