May I live as long as my grandmother … or maybe not?

This is my grandmother, on a good day! Today she turns 97 years old – in the assisted living center where she has lived for the past 10 or more years. She’s outlived two husbands, a son, and many friends. Isn’t she beautiful?


Mom says she has many bad days now. I guess it is possible to live too long, to bury too many friends and loved ones.

I’m definitely not ready for the “great adventure” that death might be, but by the time I’m 97 – I might be ready to see what’s next.

May today be a good day for my much-loved grandmother on her 97th birthday!


2 thoughts on “May I live as long as my grandmother … or maybe not?

  1. Happy Birthday from Charlottesville! My own mother just last month moved into a retirement home trying hard to see it as an adventure (though one she did not want to take). She is 87 this year and I will be thrilled to see her smile that broadly when she is 97. Thanks for the share, Lee.

  2. Unfortunately, she’s not smiling quite so broadly these days. This was taken a few years ago, on a boat ride in the Chesapeake Bay. She enjoyed living in an apartment in the retirement home; she still had mobility and quite a bit of independence. Now she lives in the “healthcare” wing (after a few strokes and occasional dementia). Living there is harder for her, and harder for us to witness.

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