About PirateMom Chronicles

My blog was originally created to go along with my academic and creative exploration in VCU‘s Media, Art, and Text PhD program.  I called it Muddy Water – a name that seemed to fit at the time.  Then I got swamped with grad school and took a break from regular posts.  When I returned in Feb 2012, I renamed my new-old blog PirateMom Chronicles and moved it to this space on WordPress.

Teaching full-time at Longwood University for two years, and now for Thomas Dale High School in Chesterfield County, leaves little time for any of my writing projects – including this blog.  That’s why there are only a few posts over the past three years.  Now that I’m in my second year at Dale, in a teaching job I plan to keep until I decide not to teach anymore, I’d like this to change.

You may be wondering – why PirateMom Chronicles?   Because I like the sound of the title, mostly, although there’s more to the pirate connection than I want to go into here (perhaps a later blog post).  And  mom is the most important job title I have.

Black Crow near water, photograph courtesy of Andrew King, creative commons license

“Black Crow” photograph courtesy of Andrew King (creative commons license)

Okay – so why the black crow as my Avatar?

For me, crows are a reminder to that magic exists if I’m paying attention.

For some Native American nations, crows were sacred – a “supreme being of the sky” – a bird who “beat his wings and the wind rises, his tongue is the lightning.”

This blog is where I want to “beat my wings” and rise the wind.  More mundanely, it’s where I want to share cool stuff I stumble across in the field of media, art & text.  Because crows are also known as intelligent scavengers, who particularly like shiny objects, and that’s one of the things I have consistently done on this blog since I first posted in 2008.  Enjoy!


One thought on “About PirateMom Chronicles

  1. I discovered your Eastern Shore Stories and now your blog! Absolutely wonderful. Amazing. Such a pleasure to read. You blossomed Bloxom! Would love to hear from you in your spare second or two that you have this semester. Best wishes and love, Trudy

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