A Mother’s Day Surprise

Wow – for Mother’s Day, my daughter made me a book called “52 Reasons Why I Love You”  handmade book "52 reasons" handmade book "You Love Me For Who I Am" IMGP0043handmade book - "you drink tea" Here are a few of the pages.

And she and her dad stayed up late to make me a cake. I feel very loved today!Mother's Day Cake


art moment: comic book artist Eddie Campbell

elephant man at night, From Hell

I’m doing a presentation for my Reading Comics class on From Hell – a book written by Alan Moore, illustrated by Eddie Campbell. It’s a graphic novel retelling of the Jack the Ripper story. My cohort is a fiction writer and wanted to present on Moore’s work so my part of the assignment is to research and talk about Eddie Campbell and his work.

I got the good end of this arrangement. Campbell is a very cool comic book artist – originally Scottish, but now lives in Australia – and I like his independent work much better than From Hell … at least what I can find piecemeal published along with interviews. He’s published too many to list here. Three I’d like to track down are Bacchus, The Fate of the Artist, and The Amazing Remarkable Monsieur Leotard.

an interview with Campbell
a 30-min video presentation on BookSlut

Even better … he blogs, regularly … here’s the link:
Eddie Campbell’s blog