wuthering heights of interdisciplinarity

Tonight my mom’s book group is talking about the classic Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. Mom didn’t like it – says she doesn’t like gothic horror. I told her that I remember loving Wuthering Heights, but I also read it a long time ago. Maybe in high school, but I think as an undergraduate at Wellesley. I read it for school, like most people do. How many people pick up a classic novel to read for fun?

In a few minutes I have to finish reading chapter four from Moran’s Interdisciplinarity. Not a bad book, but not a novel either. I’m not doing much reading for pleasure these days … too much required reading and writing and making instead.

I am following a few blogs … the most consistent bloggers I’ve found so far are the genre writers. To promote his horror novel Afraid, J A Konrath is doing a month-long blog tour. Every day this month, he’s “appearing” on another writer’s blog … sometimes he’s interviewed and sometimes he writes a guest blog. I discovered him as a guest blogger on Murderati, a mystery / horror writers’ group blog and followed his link back to his home blog where he posts his itinerary. All in the name of marketing.

Took a break to watch Rachel Ray today and learned of a new women’s news / blog site backed by some powerful and wealthy women in the entertainment / news field. wowOwow which stands for women on web, I think. Candice Bergen is involved, as is Whoopi Goldberg. An interesting and varied site of stuff. That’s why they were on Rachel Ray … more marketing.

I find information flow a fascinating phenomenon to watch. How do we know / learn what we know? What writers / information purveyors do we trust and why? Flow … a good word for it. Seems tidal and organic in the web-world we’re in now. No wonder most people aren’t worried about the death of newspapers. Should they be?