Snapshot Tuesday: hot spring in Yellowstone National Park

photo from Yellowstone National Park

Hot spring from Yellowstone National Park

National Park Service: Hot Springs and how they work

A few summers ago, we took a family vacation to Wyoming to visit Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, plus an afternoon and evening in Jackson Hole.  Lots of hot springs and geyser activity in Yellowstone, where we learned that we were touring above one of the world’s supervolcanoes, the Yellowstone caldera. What would happen if …..

There was a recent earthquake and some animal migrations that had the ‘Net buzzing with speculation that the supervolcano was going to blow … the USGS say that it’s business as usual at Yellowstone, that the accounts are exaggerated.

So I dug up a snapshot from that trip in honor of Snapshot Tuesday.  Enjoy!


Snapshot Tuesday: rooster at the Royal Farms

Rooster at the Royal Farms, Fisher's Corner, Feb 9, 2013

Rooster at the Royal Farms, Fisher’s Corner, Feb 9, 2013

Royal Farms is a convenience store chain on the Eastern Shore.  The first time I saw the chickens wandering around this busy store, I thought someone would be upset that their chickens had gotten out and would be killed in this parking lot.   But apparently these chickens visit the Royal Farms all the time.

On the Sunday morning I took this picture, this beautiful rooster was holding forth, crowing next to the parking lot.  Regal.  Most people weren’t paying much attention to him – certainly not giving him the royal treatment he deserves – but I did see a few smiles.

Snapshot Tuesday : hot tub angel

photograph from winter storm

The morning after a winter storm in Richmond, Virginia, January 18, 2013.

I’ve decided to revive my tradition of Snapshot Tuesday – posting a photograph or two on Tuesdays.  This is one I took in my neighborhood the morning after a fast-moving January storm.  It was the storm with thundersnow … the weather just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

snapshot tuesday

For some reason, this photo says End of Summer to me … don’t know why. Maybe it’s just my mood. It’s raining in Richmond today – a heavy, steady downpour. And it’s the first day of school for N and D. I’ve been in school a few weeks, but it never feels like a new year has started until Labor Day.